Derivco are the leading software development house in the online gaming world.

We were commissioned to design and setup a building management system which consisted of a server running the Niagara platform which monitors the following at the Derivco Durban offices:

  1. 55kW Solar Farm located on the roof of Forest Park 2
  2. Weather station on the roof of Forest Park 2
  3. Smoke sensors and heat sensors, as well as pull switches that form part of the fire alarm system of Forest park 2
  4. 3 x 850kVA Generators, 2 in FP1 and 1 in FP2
  5. Both server rooms in FP1 and FP2 (temperature, humidity, UPS’s, fire suppression system, CCTV, flooding)

Data is collected for historical purposes and SMS and email notifications are sent out in the event of any alarms.

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